Lavender Lime Mud Mask


355ml /12oz

Enriched with 100% Pure Essential Oils & Botanical Extracts

This product is specially formulated with Australian and Rhassoul clays that will help lift impurities and help revitalize dull skin. This mask is also enhanced with evening primrose and carrot oils that are reputed to nourish the skin and fight the effects of aging. The calming aroma of lavender and zesty scent of lime are combined to provide a fresh and clean, long-lasting aroma. Apply evenly to face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Once completely dry, rinse thoroughly. For best results, follow with toning mist, moisturizer or cream.

Australian Clay – rich in many essential minerals including magnesium, calcium, copper and potassium.

Rhassoul Clay – highly detoxifying with high level of ions exchange making it ideal for toning and enriching the skin.

Evening Primrose Oil – contains high levels of good essential fatty acids. Perfect for dry and mature skin.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil – the most popular oil in aromatherapy, lavender essential oil is has a calming effect on body and mind.

Lime Essential Oil – uplifting oil, it acts as natural astringent to help clear oily skin.

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